Eligibility & Benefits

Eligibility for Military Class Travel: ∙ Active duty military with ID. ∙ Military reserve on active duty with ID. ∙ Spouse of active military personnel with ID. ∙ Children of active military personnel 10 years or older with ID. ∙ Children must be a military dependent. ∙ A military dependent under 10 yrs must be able to present proper id (Birth Certificate). ∙ Upon request by carrier, military family group passengers must be able present uniform services dependent ID. ∙ Valid for military passengers traveling on officially excused absence such as leave or furlough. ∙ Active duty must be able to present a valid active duty armed forces of the U.S. ID card. ∙ Military passenger traveling within 7 days of discharge. Must present separation papers. ∙ Military passenger must be traveling at own expense.  

The term military passenger includes personnel on active military service in any one of the U.S. military agencies/ including national guard.


Traveling as a military passenger (despite available military fare/discount) travelers are eligiable for:

∙ Free checked bags with proof of active duty or active-reserve ID.

∙ Dependents are may request free checked bags at the aiport gate, but might be requested to sumbit for bag check refund after trip is complete. This decision is carrier specific and approved by gate agent.

∙ 100% refund if tickets were purchased for any official military event including leave. 

∙ No change fees if dates are modified based on change in official military orders.